The Coaching Tools

Guided Imagery

The process of being guided through calming or peaceful mental images. Imagery involves all of the senses and enhances a persons ability to stimulate powerful change.  

Sound Healing

Exposure to sounds induces a peaceful state, clarity of mind, and stronger intuition. Sounds and music increases productivity and creativity, inhibits the stress response and can improve mood. 


Training the mind to focus, the body to breath and the soul to become calm. Meditation increase self-awareness and achieves a healthy sense of perspective. 

Goal Setting

Steps for deciding what to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve the desired results. Goal setting creates passion and vision, increases satisfaction, and creates a sense of success.  

Business Consultation

Brainstorming values/beliefs and linking them to intentions. Bouncing ideas, powerful questions, and unearthing deep rooted potential. Guidance through challenging thinking, strategy development and action plans. Accountability to align efforts and ensure achievement of goals.  

Law of Attraction

Learning to use the power of the mind to translate thoughts and materialize them into reality. Law of Attraction will manifest healthy relationships, love, success, abundance, and mental/physical health. 

Relationship Building

 People focused on criticizing others miss 50% of the positive things 

that people do and see negativity when it’s not actually there. People 

who treat others with contempt and criticize destroy relationships.

Kindness, on the other hand, bonds people together.  The more someone 

receives or witnesses kindness, the more they will be kind to themselves,

which leads to upward spirals of respect and generosity in a relationship. 

Get Positive - Be Kind - Get Connected 

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