Debbie Hickey, Strategic Consultant & Certified Coach

  • What motivated you to become a coach? My kids, my divorce, my need for freedom to pursue my true passions. My hardship and success are my most valuable assets. Taking what I've learned and guiding others with their journey is a privilege.  
  • What do you love most about coaching?  I most love the human connection. Watching my clients experience relief, clarity, taking next steps and reaching their goals. I'm happy to see how my clients have healed and are now able to give love and kindness to others. 
  • Was there a special moment in time when you knew you had to become a coach? Yes,I was about 19 when I knew my core desire was to connect in a meaningful way with people. I had a dream where I saw myself helping others to reach their goals.  What were the specifics of that moment? I was broke and living with my parents. I needed time and life’s experiences to teach me and transform me into someone who could be helpful. Creating a quiet place for people to discover their enthusiasm for life is what I love to do.
  • What inspires you to coach?  I'm inspired when a client's life is transformed. When their shoulders relax and their eyes fill with new life, I know we are making progress.  They have new energy to face their challenges and they express their determination to not give up. 
  • What decisions have you made in order to pursue coaching? I chose to get divorced, resigned from a toxic job and simplified my life so I could clearly see my priorities. There was a lot of letting go of "what was," forgiving, and believing that each day could be amazing no matter what.  I trusted others when they told me I would be successful and found the courage to change  every aspect of my life.  
  • Have you had a coach before? If so, what was your experience? My coach is kind, loving and firm. She’s encouraging and has the ability to help me see the "amazing" in me. She guides me through the tears and laughter. She gives me a blanket (literally) and is there with me in the hard times helping me let go, get a new perspective and make my dreams reality.  Sometimes I think she's an angel even though I know she’s as human as I am. The things she has taught me, I share with my clients.
  • What is unique about your coaching skills? I immediately see the good in every person and a connection comes naturally for me.  People say they feel comfortable around me and I create a nonjudgmental space for them to  open up  and get some meaningful work done.
  • Share something about yourself that a potential client might find interesting. Being a mom of two teenagers is really my greatest inspiration and gives me the opportunity to practice my coaching skills on a daily basis. I want my kids to see me as an excellent example of kindness and hard work, a problem solver and persistent, no matter how impossible or long the hard times seem to last. 
  • Do you believe that people can change the direction of their lives? Yes, I believe people can change if they really want to. With courage minds can be opened, beliefs can be transformed and souls can be healed. A good life can be achieved if a person has a deep passionate desire for change. My intuition and trust in something greater than myself makes it possible for me to partner with them as they transform their lives. What an honor and privilege.
  • Share a story about failure and what you learned from it. My marriage ended after 21 years. Divorce at first, felt like I had failed.   I chose to spend every breath of every day to find the lessons and the good. The disassembly of my entire world and building a new life at the same time, was the hardest and most amazing thing I've ever done.  I am a culmination of all my experiences. Each day I'm deeply grateful, I find the good in all things. I never, ever give up. With the help of my coach I have been able to gain strength from life's transitions. This  has motivated me to change into the person that I saw in my mind’s eye back when I was 19.  

More about Debbie 

  • Master of Science in Psychology, Grand Canyon University (Spring 2020).
  • Certified Life Coach and Graduate of The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a licensed and nationally accredited college.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business from Arizona State University.
  • Licensed Arizona Residential Real Estate Professional.
  • Writer for 
  • Member of the Holistic Speakers Guild.
  • Member of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.
  • Toastmasters International, Airpark Club - Scottsdale AZ.
  • Featured Author in When I Rise I Thrive and Healers.

I am passionate about traveling with my children to new cities, creating memories and exploring trendy, unique coffee houses.  Also, I love to make French inspired jams.