Beth Lovisetto, Health Consultant & Certified Coach

  • What motivated you to become a coach? I have been a social worker and registered nurse for over 25 years. Taking what I've learned  both in my personal and professional life and walking with others as they reach their full potential is a true blessing.
  • What do you love most about coaching?  I love connecting with my clients and watching them feel relief, clarity, balance and peace in their life. I'm grateful to be able to guide them as they find hope, inspiration, solutions, and a new plan for living.
  • Was there a special moment in time when you knew you had to become a coach?  Yes, I was a Hospice nurse and was introduced to holistic care. I was immediately drawn to the way I felt about integrating various holistic modalities into a patient’s end of life. What were the specifics of that moment? Holistic care kept resonating with me as I worked in my field. It took me several years of self-exploration before my new journey in Life Coaching became a clear vision.
  • What inspires you to coach?  I'm inspired when I watch my clients emotionally, physically, and spiritually transform their lives and reach their dreams.
  • What decisions have you made to pursue coaching?  It was challenging because I left my nursing career of 25 years. My inner voice kept saying "stretch and reach for your dreams."  Once I recognized that fear was hindering me, I worked to overcome it and found the strength to move forward. 
  • Have you been coached before? If so, what was your experience?  I have a coach. She is honest, nonjudgmental, and helps me visual my goals and create action plans. My most vivid memory of working with her was when she asked me if I was willing to continue a behavior for the next 99 years. It was my wake-up call. I knew I needed to change course and find a solution that would move me toward my goals. In our sessions when I realize change is necessary, my coach allows me to have tears, laughter, frustration and sadness.  I let go of the things in my life that block me and keep me stuck.
  • What is unique about your coaching skills? I believe every person is exceptional with their own story.  I have a natural ability to connect with clients which creates a relaxed environment during sessions.  
  • Share something about yourself that a potential client might find interesting.  When I reflect on difficult times, my greatest achievement was that I never gave up.  My theme in life is "feel the feelings, keep taking action and look for the solutions."
  • Do you believe that people can change the direction of their lives?  Yes, I believe when people are given the opportunity to share without judgement they can have clarity, reach goals and achieve a balanced life. I have a deep faith in something greater than myself.  This is what gives me the ability to coach my clients.
  • Share a story about failure and what you learned from it? In my early thirties I got divorced. I could not see a positive future for myself. My dream of having a loving home and a balanced, abundant life was dead. The ending of my marriage crushed my dreams. Once I moved past the feeling of devastation, I worked hard every day on myself! My coach helped me identify my priorities and work toward my goals. I was accountable to her and my days became more peaceful and positive. Daily, I stay connected to my emotional, physical, spiritual and financial well-being. Today I live by “progress before perfection”. This means I'm moving forward without having to be perfect.

More about Beth

  • Master of Science in Psychology, Grand Canyon University (Spring 2020).
  • Certified Life Coach and Graduate of The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a licensed and nationally accredited college.
  • Bachelor in Social Work from Arizona State University.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing  from Arizona State University.
  • Licensed Arizona Residential Real Estate Professional.
  • Member of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.
  • Toastmasters International, Risk Takers Club - Phoenix AZ. 

Beth enjoys traveling with her family, meditating outdoors and fishing. She finds balance near the running water of a creek.